The Run Blogger


Hi, I’m Barry. Occasional runner, occasional writer, full time eater!

Being competitive after your prime is a daily motivational struggle for most of us, but after re-starting running at the beginning of 2014, I’m loving the increase in fitness and the reduction in weight.

Having achieved my aim of losing some weight and completing the 2014 Great North Run, winter arrived and the running became less frequent. The weight started to creep back on and my motivation definitely started to wane a little. So with that, I finally decided to join a running club.

The best running decision I could have made really, as I know I wouldn’t have achieved what I have without the support of the club members, and also members of other running clubs I’ve run alongside in races.

Since my ‘running reboot’ I’ve completed parkruns (61), 5Ks (2), 10Ks (16), 10 Milers (3), Half Marathons (8) and Marathon (2).

My aim is to be the best I can be, and I know I can be better! As my running club would say, “Go hard, or go to the pub!”