Starting Again

It’s time to take stock, get a few things in order and start again. I’ve come full circle with my running and I need to make a change. From 14+ stone and no fitness down to 12 stone and 2 marathons… Now I’m almost back to my starting point after injury and lack of motivation to do something about it.

I fully intended to start 2019 with a positive mindset and initially I did that, with 38 miles over 13 runs in 20 days. I thought I was back on track but then illness struck around my 40th Birthday. It’s taken a few weeks to fully get over it and even now I’m not sure I’m even 90% ready to run.

I went out for my first run back, a steady 2 miles, only to discover on my return home, a massive great crack in my fenix 5 screen! I’d only had it for 3 months and don’t recall knocking it on anything… £137 later for a refurbished replacement (+ £6 for a couple of screen protectors!) and I’m ready to rock and roll… Touch wood!

2 consecutive days running of 2.2 and 2.25 miles without any major issues so far on my latest comeback attempt, rest day today (Although I did 13,000 steps at work) then hopefully back out on Tuesday and Wednesday. It feels so good to be back out, even just for a couple of miles. The next problem is sorting out my eating habits. This is not proving easy at the moment but it does tend to go hand in hand with successful running. Here’s hoping.

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