Social Run Group – SRG

Social Run Group

Social Run Group, or SRG for short, is exactly what you’d guess from the title… An all inclusive social run group, with support for all ages and abilities.

Organised by the Up and Running retail group, SRG’s main attraction is a FREE weekly 3 mile run, starting and finishing from participating Up and Running stores across the country. There are currently 23 stores providing a Social Run Group with some even organising 2 runs a week. A handful of shops in larger areas such as Manchester offer 3 runs a week, one of which is 8K distance.

Social Run Group (SRG) is for everyone and has been developed specifically with brand new runners in mind. Participants can be of any age, standard or ability and the idea is to make running accessible to all by offering fun, fitness and friendship.

On the run itself, faster runners will end up covering extra distance as they loop around to the back of the field, usually doing an extra lap of the park or running to the end of a street and back. There will always be someone running at the back to keep you motivated as well as to make sure that no one gets lost. Nobody is left to run alone and the shop staff do a great job of organising routes to ensure this is easily managable. Experienced runners also help the staff out with road crossings and keeping everyone motivated, happy and chatting!

Social Run Group (SRG) also offer some great incentives to get out and run with them. Complete 5 runs in a calendar year and you can get your hands on a FREE SRG hi-vis Yellow T-shirt! For each additional set of 5 runs you complete, you have a choice of FREE gifts ranging from socks to water bottles and gels to head buffs.

Outside of the runs, participants are encouraged to attend social events such as the fun SRG Award Nights, Pizza nights or the organised SRG parkrun meetups. Something else to look out for are regular ‘manufacturer nights’ where you could be offered the chance to test out equipment on the run. Recently we’ve had the opportunity to test the latest Garmin watches as well as Brooks and On ‘Cloud’ trainers.

Check where your closest Social Run Group is based – SRG Runs

The twitter hashtags to follow for the Social Run Group (SRG) are #RunTogether #SRG #SocialRun

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