Running Pain Free

Pain Free

I’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be running pain free. I checked my run history out of curiosity to see when I had last completed a 10K and the answer was 9 months ago… During the Half Marathon in which I sustained my knee injury.

After months of denial, several failed attempts to run when I really shouldn’t have, laziness and lack of motivation followed by the inevitably lack of self control diet wise, I’ve actually got a smile on my face again.

I may be just under the weight I started running at, and of course running with excess weight is more difficult than I’m used to, but I have run over 4 miles in 2 sessions this week without any knee pain! First up was an enjoyable 1 Km rep session with the club last Tuesday where I managed 4.5 miles at an average pace of 8:05/mile, followed today by a steady paced 4.2 miles at an average of 7:59/mile.

I finally feel like I’ve made a breakthrough after 9 months of doom, gloom and no light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing fellow club members smashing times out of the park has been difficult but the only way is up from here and I do enjoy a good target. The key is to make each target a small increment and make sure each is achievable in quick succession without taking any risks.

My main target for March is to reach 50 miles for the month, a target I would have hit in January had it not been for illness. Hopefully this will go hand in hand with better eating and weight loss. I know I still have decent base fitness under the flab, but the weight loss really makes a huge difference on the legs in terms of the distance I can cover without them screaming at me!

Here’s hoping for a positive March and a month of running pain free!

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