Running Injury? Call the Google Doctor!

Running InjuryIt’s been a while since London Marathon… I got through OK but lack of training inevitably cost me at the 18 mile mark. 2 Weeks later at a Hilly Half Marathon in the Lake District and bang went the knee at 10 miles.

I’m still suffering from this running injury now but it wasn’t until my weight spiralled up towards 14st and my motivation hit an all time low that I did anything about it.

I’ve always been someone who stupdly lets injuries heal themselves. Self diagnosis from Google and youtube searches before performing half hearted exercises etc etc… It got to the point where this injury was getting no better and I had to act.

A few good chats and a trip to the physio later and at last, a light at the end of the tunnel. Diagnosed as IT Band, strengthening exercises prescribed, a new diet plan in mind and I was also the brand new owner of a set of resistance bands!

I’ve now lost around 8lbs since the decision was made, feeling better in myself and have a bit of hope that I can get through this and back to my best. I still have days where I struggle to do the exercises, but generally, I’m getting there.

I’ve managed a few parkruns recently, a 2 mile cross country relay for my club and have another 5K race on Sunday. It’s good just to be involved again even if I’m not running groundbreaking distances or times. Amazing what running and exercise can do for your general outlook.

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