Running During Lockdown

Running During Lockdown

It’s been a strange 6 weeks since my last blog post. Halfway through March I was taking part in the Up and Running 30 day challenge and I made no mention of Coronavirus. How things can change in such a small space of time and will things ever be the same again? How has running during lockdown been for you?

I’m keeping very busy with work. Luckily we sell a product that is in high demand with many people working from home or home schooling. We’re able to run a skeleton warehouse team to make sure items are dispatched as normal, with Customer Service staff working from home. My heart goes out to those who’re struggling for work and may be lucky if they have a job to go back to.

Exercise and fresh air is so important for mental and physical health, more so now than ever before. With parkrun, junior parkrun, running clubs and races all put on hold, this is a time when individual motivation comes to the fore. Give yourself some achievable targets, maybe a monthly distance or run every day challenge. Take your son or daughter out for a short run every few days. I’ve even been throwing the running pack on and jogging to and from work to clock up easy mileage. Do whatever you can to keep moving.

I’ve found running during lockdown fine. In fact, easier than January and February. Yes, the streets are definitely busier as everyone enjoys the evening sunshine to grab their daily allowance of exercise, but it hasn’t been an issue for me. In fact, I’ve found people are friendlier than normal. Probably due to the lack of social interaction in their lives at the moment. Hopefully those that have taken up running or cycling during lockdown keep it up afterwards!

I’ve managed a lot of running during March and April too. I hit and exceeded my March target of running for 30 out of the 31 days to achieve 90 miles. In the end I reached 103. First time over 100 miles in a month for about 2 years!

April wasn’t bad either! I had a few more rest days than March but did fit in a few longer runs to beat my target of 90 miles again. Just scraping over the line with my final run on the last day! I’m definitely fitter and faster for the extra training I’ve done.

Many people I’ve heard from have encountered some animosity from other road and pavement users during this period. For me, I’ll happily run sensibly on the road at the right time to give people a wide birth… It all adds to the distance if you’re constantly crossing the road to avoid folk anyway!

I hope everyone is staying safe and getting fit during this time. Just think, we might even have some races to enter in a few months time… We can but dream!

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