Happy Birthday To Me

40th Birthday

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday, so firstly Happy Birthday to me and secondly, ah crap… This time tomorrow, I’ll be in my forties!

What does it actually mean though? Does anything really change apart from moving up an age category to V40? I’ve never really been one to massively celebrate birthdays. They’re usually met with “It’s just another day” and similar non-plussed phrases. I’ve not even given it much of a thought until now, the night before, but should I be setting new targets for myself and does life really begin at 40… or is it just time for a new chapter.

It’s been around 5 years since my running adventure started. After entering the 2014 Great North Run in an attempt to get fit and lose some weight, I’ve now come full circle. Starting back then at 14st 7lbs, I got down as low as 12 stone for my first marathon in 2016. Gradually the weight went back on, despite running regularly and I found myself at 13 stone for last years London Marathon. A few more injuries and fast forward to New Year 2019 when I weighed in at 14st 5lbs.

My back and knee continue to ensure I’m running in some discomfort most of the time. I know losing the weight again will help, but it’s a vicious circle where running in pain and eating to excess are concerned. Although it’s never too late, this is realistically my last chance to get the weight off especially when ongoing injuries are only going to get worse as I get older

So, I plan on giving it my best shot. Hopefully I’ll have some improvements to document over the coming months as I venture into the world of V40 running…


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