Garmin Fenix 6 Update – V9.0 Bricked!

Garmin Fenix 6 Update V9.0 Bricked

So, I received notification 2 days ago of a successful installation of the v9.0 Garmin Fenix 6 update. “Yey, a new update” I’d usually exclaim… But 2 days later, I’ve still not been able to use it due to the dreaded Garmin battery drain issue, amongst other problems.

The ‘stability updates’ on offer appear to have made my watch at least, extremely unstable and certainly unusable. Not only did I discover steps were no longer being counted but a 14 day, 100% charged battery, drained to empty in approximately 2-3 hours earlier today. This also happened yesterday which was the day after update.

Plugging my Fenix 6 into Garmin Connect has not found any incomplete or new updates so my last option before contacting Garmin is to perform a hard reset… Which I’m doing now, wish me luck!

Fast forward 10 minutes…

Data deleted, maps reloaded, reconnected to Garmin Connect mobile app, time to test step recognition… Nope, not recording. Damn.

6.34pm – 4 days worth of battery, going for a 1.2mile run.

6.50pm – Still no step count, no HRM recording or even green LED’s on, very laggy button presses and down to 22hrs battery.

“Hello, yes, Garmin? Oh hi… Would you be able to tell me why I now have a £600 bracelet please?”

Long story short, it seems like a semi-known issue as I’ve arranged a replacement under warranty after soft, regular and hard resets had no effect, and trying to re-install v9 made no difference. Have a think if you have the option of installing the Garmin Fenix 6 Update, it may not be the ‘update’ you were hoping for.

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