A Year of Minimal Progress

So, my blog is still here even if I haven’t a lot of time.

I stumbled across a post from roughly a year ago in February 2019 and it appears I haven’t moved on much from then! https://www.therunblog.com/starting-again/

I have finally managed to complete my 100th parkrun recently and it only took about 5 years! The main picture above is from a very frosty, very hungover 99th parkrun in Westpark, Munich. A very friendly bunch, mostly made up by ex-pats, and for a big city, they only get around 60 people attend each week.

My mileage so far this year has been 47.7 in January and 52.8 in February, so pretty average really. I did lose a week recently due to dental surgery but the weight loss when I couldn’t eat was beneficial! I’m aiming for 90 miles in March which is a pretty big leap, but taking part in the Up and Running ’30 day challenge’ should help with motivation to get out there.

A few exciting things scheduled for the coming months (fitness dependent!) are Kielder Dark Skies 14 in 3 weeks, Keswick Half Marathon in early May, the Adidas Terrex 10K as part of the Keswick Mountain Festival 2 weeks later and finally the biggy, Endure 24 at the start of July.

Hopefully I’ll have plenty of pictures, videos and reviews of these events in the months to come.

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