A Touch of Gas?

Polar Vantage GPS WatchMost runners will have suffered from a touch of gas at some point or another. I’m not talking about running too soon after eating or suffering a nervous stomach before a big race… The gas I have is Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or GAS for short.

I’m happy with my Garmin Forerunner 230, don’t get me wrong. I’ve owned it for around 2 years and it does everything I need. It’s reliable, fast to lock satellite signal, gives the data I need and the battery life is still excellent.

The problem is, I’ve seen something new and shiny and like a Technology Magpie, I’m attracted to it. They are definitely the best looking watches I’ve seen from Polar with none of the previous ranges peaking my interest like this one.

The Polar Vantage GPS watch is out this October with 2 iterations, the Vantage V Pro Multisport (£479.99) and the Vantage M Multisport (£249.99). Both are currently only available on pre-order only, direct from the Polar website.

Apart from looking prettier than my Black Garmin FR230, it would also offer wrist based heart rate monitoring with Polar’s groundbreaking “Polar Precision Prime sensor fusion technology” – Quite a mouthful, but it sounds impressive.

I’m Trying to remain somewhat balanced in my decision making. It would mean a shift from 4 years worth of using ‘Garmin Connect’ to using the ‘Polar Flow’ software (and I’ve heard the Android version may not yet be fully compatible with these new watches?)

I envisage putting this watch in my basket several times over the next few weeks before chickening out. Realistically I’d want to see it in the flesh before committing as I’m a Garmin person at heart.

New tech and new systems always seem really alien after such a long time with one brand, but my curiosity has been aroused! I’d be interested to hear from others that have made the switch…

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